Part 5 – Marketing and Goals

I want the Doria family to be a great family again. Italians pride themselves on family values and people in general talk about great families. Juventus has the Agnelli family, Inter had the Moratti family and Samp had the Mantovanis and Garrones. The Doria family must strive for greatness again and we can achieve that through football.

The Doria family was a prominent noble family in the Republic of Genoa from the 12th-16th centuries like the Grimaldi family, who are now based in Monaco. There are Dorias spread around Italy and around the world and Sampdoria should be used to build family pride and reputation again.
La Doria logo. The company specialises in fruit products.

Building up Doria pride is important so we should food companies La Doria and Doria biscuits to be sponsors of the club. Although Doria is owned by Bauli, we should promote the Doria biscuits without necessarily promoting Bauli’s products. We must promote the idea that being a Doria is a sign of greatness: great at food, great at football, great at anything. ‘Doria-style’ shouldn’t just be a football philosophy; it should also be a philosophy of life.
A selection of Doria biscuits.

The Mayor of Genoa Marco Doria has been seen at some games at the Stadio Luigi Ferraris with Samp president Massimo Ferrero but he doesn’t come across as a fanatical supporter of the club. We need Dorias at the club and at the stadium to show greater passion and enthusiasm. If there is a Doria who can contribute to the club financially, that’s even better. It would be amazing if a Doria could play for the club one day and have a successful career.
Marco Doria, the Mayor of Genoa since May 2012.

I want us to produce players for the Azzurri. Italy has a great football history but Italians should always keep making history. Sampdoria should be a part of that. I want Blucerchiati players to be key players for Italy. If not, I want ex-Sampdoria players to be just as influential.

Ex-Genoa players play well against us. When players leave Samp, they should play well against the Grifone. The spirit of Sampdoria must always remain in a player. Once a Doria, always a Doria.

Liverpool fans are known for singing Gerry and the Pacemakers ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ before every game and even during games. I want Sampdoria fans to sing ‘Doria Ole!’ by De Scalzi Bros and becoming famous for it. ‘Doria Ole’ isn’t cheesy like most other Italian songs. It sounds anthemic.

We need to show the other Italian clubs that you can challenge for trophies without having the funds that ‘The Big Three’ in Italy have. You just need to be more creative and innovative with the things you do. Spending big money on players does not guarantee success.

Sadly we have to remain a selling club for now but we must have a style of play. With a better recruiting and business model, we can try and retain players and eventually become a club players want to stay at, not just be a stepping stone for football’s giants.

This blueprint is not for everybody but I believe it is need for Sampdoria to progress as a club.



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