My Sampdoria Blueprint

I have become disillusioned with the way Sampdoria is run as a football club. At the moment the Blucerchiati are a mid-table team that looks content to make up the numbers in Italy’s Serie A. I don’t see the club in that way. It must be something more.

Since the days of Samp d’Oro in the 1980s and 1990s, this club has struggled to return to the glories of the past. Players are going at too cheap of a price and this team lacks a playing identity. The Blucerchiati must be a team that can achieve much more surviving relegation in Serie A.

This club needs a template that will make the team much more competitive. I do not expect to collect trophies aplenty right away but I want the team to still be respected and feared. Sampdoria needs to show everyone that it is not how much money you have that matters but the way that money is spent.

Here is a five-part series on what I want Sampdoria to achieve from now. Hopefully this blueprint can make the club more financially secure and eventually challenge for trophies.

Part 1 – ‘Doria-style’: the Ideal Playing Style and Mentality for Us

Part 2 – Clubs Sampdoria can use as inspiration

Part 3 – Recruiting and Developing Players

Part 4 – Videos in Line with My Vision

Part 5 – Marketing and Goals




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